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App Analytics

There are literally millions of smartphone applications out there, but how are they being used?

Web Analytics

ShinyStat™ App Analytics is designed to analyze the usage of mobile apps and enables you to receive precise, real-time data about how your apps are being used.

Analysis of user behavior is the crucial first-step to optimizing contents, understanding the most popular sections and staying ahead of the curve in this fast-growing world. Developers and app proprietors can take advantage of analytical metrics to improve their products based on what consumers want.

Specific metrics

The metrics implemented within App Analytics provide a complete, global vision of application usage which enables you to identify the strong points and weaknesses of your product.

The platform categorizes data into two macro areas: one regarding functionality (usage), the other regarding the Operating Systems and devices the apps are...

Online and offline

Offline e online Over the years, ShinyStat™ has developed a profound know-how in both online and offline information acquisition.

Our app platform provides usage-data...

Supported systems and Libraries

To meet client needs and to anticipate growing development trends across diverse mobile environments, ShinyStat™ has made various libraries available to developers so as to render application monitoring that much easier.
This makes it possible to gain detailed understanding of the way...

Personalized dashboard

ShinyStat™ App Analytics is highly flexible and allows users to customize their own dashboard and to view details and summaries of data categorized by application, by device used, by connectivity and by 3G operator.

App developers and proprietors of more than one application can personalize the App Analytics dashboard so as to...