ShinyStat™: analytics tools for digital media

ShinyStat™ is the browser-based web analytics platform which allows you to measure the traffic of your Web site in real time.

The experience gained over the years means the system stands out from the rest in terms of efficiency and functionality in tracking internet access.

The platform is able to process and display data in real time, making ShinyStat™ the ideal partner for companies that need to rapidly analyze the results of their digital marketing investment.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, ShinyStat™ closely follows media developments so it can effectively anticipate the demands of the market, particularly for web traffic generated by mobile devices and by video views.

To analyze traffic generated by users connecting via a mobile device, ShinyStat™ offers detailed information like the device type, brand, model, and telephone operator. Combining this simple information gives an indicative overview of the socio-demographic characteristics of users, as well as useful pointers for optimizing web usability.

And for analyzing multimedia contents, ShinyStat™ has developed innovative video-analytics solutions that can reveal valuable information on user views of video clips, even showing how many times each individual segment of a video has been seen.

For investors in web marketing, ShinyStat™ offers a range of tools to measure and optimize returns on investment.

Conversions - Analyzing the behavior of users who reach your website's preset objectives (purchases, registrations, downloads etc.) provides valuable guidance on acquiring and retaining customers, helping you understand the decision-making processes and the reasons for purchase. By showing the origin of each individual conversion, ShinyStat™ lets you precisely measure the return on your investments (SEO activity, Pay Per Click, Purchase of Links, Social Network Campaigns, etc.).

Online advertising campaigns - ShinyStat™ offers a complete package for analyzing the progress of your online advertising campaigns in real time and for optimizing efficiency and ROI whatever the type of advertising chosen: email advertising, display advertising campaigns or keyword advertising campaigns.

Geolocation - Detailed analysis of geographical origin down to the individual city allows you to check the visibility achieved by your website in specific geographical areas.

The ShinyStat™ team is committed to ensuring the highest levels of excellence, a factor that benefits customers while guaranteeing their success in any eBusiness area.


ShinyStat™ is a
Premiere Corporate Member of the Digital Analytics Association the international association for digital audience analysis.

Visita il sito degli Osservatori ICT & Management della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano

ShinyStat™ actively cooperates with the Milan University Politecnico, supporting the 2010 Research conducted by its School of Management regarding "Mobile Content & Internet", "Mobile Marketing & Service" and "New Media & Tv".

ShinyStat™ is an associate member of IAB Italia, the international association dedicated to develop interactive Advertising and Marketing.