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Mobile Analytics

Web Analytics

ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics is a tool which analyzes the characteristics of the mobile channel to guarantee higher performance. The platform is especially focused on those metrics connected to mobile navigation, among which are: conversions, campaigns, visit times, origin, bounce and many others.

Thanks to ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics you can monitor mobile-user behavior on your own sites, enabling you to check and analyze how users - especially next-gen smartphone users - behave when visiting classic webpages (and not just mSites).

Isolate mobile data

To fully understand your audience in terms of systems, the first thing you need to do is isolate the mobile data. ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics allows you to analyze and investigate a full range of system-use data. Our effective Mobile Analytics tool is the basis for quickly gathering...

Real time

A major advantage of ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics is its ability to gather this precious information in real time. The web is in rapid and constant movement and the ability to gain immediate insight into events as they happen is of fundamental importance in measuring the effect of current campaigns and being able to modify them on the fly. ...

Makes and models

The data we gather even contain details regarding the makes and models of smartphones that are being used. This type of information is of great use when trying to understand the composition and the mobile navigation tools of your user-base so as to develop optimized services for...

Connectivity and opertators

ConnettivitC  e operatori
To better optimize mobile contents one first needs to understand user habits and choices regarding connectivity and operators. It is therefore important to know what types of connectivity users have, if they mostly use...