ShinyStat™: web statistics since 1995.

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet medium is the fact that you can trace the movements of users as they surf your site by using web statistics whilst completely preserving their anonymity and protecting their privacy

Web statistics (and their identification) are a direct consequence of the infrastructure of the Internet as, to simplify greatly, the transmission of data packets from the server of an internet site to the personal computer of the navigator generates a series of statistics along the way.

ShinyStat™ is a platform that specialises in internet audience analysis and website statistics. The ShinyStat™ platform was one of the first in the world to develop a system that could statistically record the number of accesses to internet sites while maintaining the complete privacy of the user. ShinyStat is currently Italy's leading web statistics provider with over 255,000 Italian website accounts. If so many website owners have chosen ShinyStat™ it is because over the years they have appreciated the company's professionalism and the ease with which the platform can be installed and utilised.

In this way website owners can see how many visitors access a specific page, the routes they take when surfing, from which website they have come from, the keyword they used when accessing the site from a search engine, and so on. All of this, we stress, in complete respect of the privacy of the user and his/her anonymity. Indeed all of these statistics are aggregated by ShinyStat™ in identical groups so customers can closely analyse their websites without compromising the privacy of users.

Thanks to continuous internal research and development, the platform has undergone significant change over the years, evolving from a simple web statistics platform (e.g. visits ) to become a complete software package for analysing the usability of one's website (e.g. navigation paths ) nd an essential tool for formulating one's marketing plans, optimising costs and advertising campaigns to deliver best possible results, and calculating the ROI of advertising investments (e.g. conversions ).

A few years ago it was enough to know how many users visited a website, which and how many pages they were viewing, the nationality of users, and so on. ShinyStat™ and web statistics have evolved significantly so you can now identify the exact origins of users and their navigation path. And, thanks to the conversion tool, you can also now calculate your website\'s performance and view a series of key statistics in relation to "qualified surfers": for example, those who make purchases on e-commerce sites, but also those that send a general information request from the website or sign up to a free online service etc. "Qualified navigator" analysis enables you to identify the most productive referrer site, and which search engine campaigns convert best analysing the ROI of each campaign. All of this aggregating the statistics of your website with an analysis of the costs of the campaign and marketing activities in general.

ShinyStat™ provides its internet audience and web statistic analysis services in four different versions to satisfy the varying requirements of its clientele.

ShinyStat™ Free : the not-for-profit version of the platform designed for personal use. Provides a quantity of web statistics to satisfy the requirements of a non-professional user. Offers a wide range of visible access counters that can be installed on the customer's website.

ShinyStat™ Pro : professional analysis of the accesses made to the customer's website. For professional use and clear and effective analysis of ones web statistics. Option of an invisible counter and exclusion from rankings. Option of excluding IP addresses (e.g. company PCs) from website statistics.

ShinyStat™ Business : as well as offering all the characteristics of the Pro version, this is the most advanced version of the platform, specifically developed for those that do business online: from hotels that receive information and booking queries, and online shops that make their sales via the internet, through to online publishers that sell their advertising space and publish their contents on the web. As well as carrying out a detailed analysis of web statistics, this version offers valuable tools such as:
Conversion analysis
Monitoring and ROI of advertising campaigns
SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detecting)

ShinyStat™ ISP: the retailer area of the ShinyStat™ platforms. For those that wish to become sales partners for the distribution of the Pro and Business versions.

ShinyStat is a premier corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association.